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The town with eight doors and a hundred churches, rich in history, where the past merges with the present in an indissoluble way. Over forty archaeological sites of some importance have been identified. Recent research has identified several settlements distributed around two main poles: Pietralunga and "La Vecchi" (the old). This name refers to a mountain that rises to about 1000 s.l.m. and is about two kilometers from today's town. The collection of artifacts found in the area includes objects belonging to different eras: the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, classical Greek period, Hellenistic and Roman period and the Middle Ages. They are stored in the eight rooms of the archaeological museum Pippo Rizzo.
Among the most interesting objects is the only Roman milestone so far found in Sicily, which attests to the LVII miles that separate it from Agrigento.
Rich in natural beauty as the Gole del Drago, the Falls of the two Rocks and the very interesting Ficuzza forest that covers approximately 5000 hectares.
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