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The historical center preserves the alleys and streets often surmounted by small arches. In the eighteenth century Cathedral are fine works by local artisans.
There are also many interesting monuments; nearby is the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Balzo, of the seventeenth century, built into a wall of the Triona mountain; and the monastery of Santa Maria del Bosco, from the XVI-XVII century, whose church (with a Latin cross plan) houses the tomb of Eleonora of Aragona.
Bisacquino is a town in west-central Sicily, in the province of Palermo. It is situated on a spur of Mount barracu, near the headwaters of the river Verdura. The name of the town derives from the Arabic Busackuin which means "rich in water" due to the abundance of water which the site once boasted.
It rises on an internal hilly area, located 663 meters above sea level.
Up to the twelfth century it was in the possession of some local lords; until 1778 and later it became the property of the Archbishop of Monreale until it passed to the royal demesne.
On nearby Mount Tritone is the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Balzo, built in 1678, overlooking the valley below.
The mother church of the village is dedicated to St John the Baptist. It was built in 1713 in the same place as the previous Matrice of the sixteenth century that was destroyed.
The carnival bisaquinese is famous.

Bisaquino is just 15 minutes from Casale Borgia.
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