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Chiusa Sclafani

Chiusa Sclafani, a village of medieval origin, was founded in 1320 on the ruins of an already existing house, long under the domination of the Sclafani family. It was then passed into the hands of the Colonna family and remained there until 1812, a period in which feudal rights were abolished.
The territory is rich in monuments, especially many churches such as St. Catherine of the sixteenth century, inside which there is a triptych depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints, the Mother Church, St. Nicholas of Bari, built in the XIV century and rebuilt around 1800, and the church Santa Maria Assunta, which houses a fine silk tapestry of the deposition of the Cross.
Very nice to see, for a walk through its narrow streets, Chiusa Sclafani is located just 18 Km from Casale Borgia.

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