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At just thirty minutes from Casale Borgia it is possible to visit the town of Giuliana.
A beautiful place where it seems that time has stopped. An important place to visit is the Castle of Federico II of the XIII century, which consists of a fortress on the summit of the rock, a semicircular building (former Olivetano monastery built in 1648) located below, with close walls, that defend the fortress.
The castle was built by Federico II of Svevia in the Gothic style and was part of a series of fortifications located in southern Italy and Sicily.
In addition to the castle, you can admire many other monuments in Giuliana: the remains of an Arab construction, called "Cuba", the former monastery of SS. Trinity, built in 1655 by the Olivetan monks, the church of San Calogero (XVI century), the church of St. Nicholas of Bari, also called the Abbey, the former church of the agonized (XVII century), the church of SS. Rosario (XVII century), the church of SS. Crucifix in Baroque style and the Sanctuary of Maria SS. dell'Udienza.
Since 1997 on every August 3 the reenactment of the "Status julianae," is celebrated, through which the entire community of Giulian has regained its memory, reviving the solemn ceremony that, in 1543, was raised by the County to the Marquis.