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Palazzo Adriano

A small town with just over 2,500 inhabitants, so characteristic that it was chosen by Giuseppe Tornatore to shoot the exterior scenes of "Cinema Paradiso". Its name comes from the Sicilian dialect, in which the municipality is identified by the name of U Palazzu. "Adriano" comes from Latin and means the adjacent forest.
Palazzo Adriano was founded by Greek-Albanian refugees who fled the Turkish persecution of the fifteenth century. Precisely for this reason the two main churches follow two different rites of Catholicism. Indeed, the Church of the Madonna del Lume follows the Latin Rite, while the Church of Maria SS. Assumption the Greek-Byzantine rite. The Church of the Madonna del Lume is from the eighteenth century and has paintings attributed to the school of Pietro Novelli. The other, however, is from the sixteenth century and inside you can see a crucifix carved by Ignatius Marabitti.
August is the best time to visit Palazzo Adriano. On the 15th and 16th of August, the SS. Crucifix is celebrated, an occurrence very much felt by the inhabitants and an important event of folkloric character. These days you can watch the procession parade the statues of the Holy Cross (dating back to 1400), Our Lady of Grace and St. Nicholas the patron saint. During the festival, Palazzo Adriano hosts the characteristic cattle fair, evidence of traditions that still live in the Sicilian hinterland.
An important place to visit is the natural reserve of Valle del Sosio, much appreciated by paleontologists, rich in fossils embedded in the limestone rocks and artifacts dating back to the late Paleozoic.