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Santo Stefano Quisquina

Santo Stefano Quisquina takes its name from the Greek word "Stefanos" (crown) and from the Arabic word "coschin" (darkness), which describes well the structure of the town, "crowned" by the Sicani Mountains and adjacent to the thick forests of reserves.
Only later they decided to consecrate the town to Santo Stefano.
It is a town of nearly 5,000 inhabitants, famous for its churches that boast a rich artistic heritage. Particularly well known is the Hermitage of Santa Rosalia, built on the site where St. Rosalia (according to what is said) stayed for twelve years, before moving to Palermo, on Monte Pellegrino.
The many churches are a must see: the mother church, originally dedicated to St. Nicholas and the Church of St. Francis de Sales with its paintings and its stucco. The view from the church of San Calogero, built on top of the mountain of the same name, is very impressive.
Nature lovers can visit the Natural Reserve of "Monte Cammarata". The mountain has a great variety of marble from creamy white to bluish gray. The flora and fauna are still untouched. The rocks of Mount Cammarata are calcareous and, because of this, have have eroded gorges and cliffs to photograph. A truly exciting experience, just 34 km from Palazzo Adriano.