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The lands of Sosio and the Sicani Mountains

The lands of Sosio and the Sicani Mountains extend into the Western part of Sicily, bordering, in the north, with the mountains of Palermo, in the south-east by the Caltanissetta Basin, and south-west by the Strait of Sicily. The landscape presents various features ranging from high and medium hills, agrarian regions of low hills with absolutely no rocky slopes on the border with the province of Agrigento. The territory and overall development of horizontal and vertical alignment, is located in its own right among the Sicilian territories in which there is a wealth of flora, among the richest in the world.
From the combination of different environmental factors, comes a wide range of environments with different characteristics, each of which fit and are the ideal conditions for hundreds of plant species. Such variability is nothing but the key ingredient for the formation of morphologies, ranging from undulating hills to rugged high mountains, the ideal habitat for numerous species of animals, some of which are endangered.